November 2002

November 6-17, 23-24, 2002
Bob Nicolaysen is just getting started putting his clock back together (and he did it!). Corey Stratton is assembling the levers on the front plate....Does he look worried? This class was taught by Fred Tischler. Assisting Fred was Phil Ball. There were six students in the class: Bonnie Travis, Corey Stratton, Don Bush, Len Kaufman, Paul Hopson and Bob Nicolaysen. Here Phil is working on a chime clock spring barrel. Paul Hopson is intent, but he has several more major parts to go.
Len Kaufman, in the middle of assembly...wonders where this wheel goes. Don Bush of Bossier City, LA has his clock assembled and is checking it out. Bonnie Travis of Blanco Texas is in the final assembly of her chime clock.