NAWCC National 2001

July 12-15, 2001, New Orleans, Louisiana
A photo of the Mart room, which was held on the floor of the SuperDome! What a sight to see all those tables lined up loaded with clocks, watches, tools, supplies and other horological items! General chairman of this event was Chapter 124 member Nick Bonura. Wilma Cothren's clock is "Cross Stitching". The 12 inch tall Mary Kay Pink clock has a Pink Cadillac shown in the center. The dream of every Mary Kay consultant!! Wilma received a first place in Novelty Class. There is one thing at every NAWCC National that is a constant: Richard Cox will win a blue ribbon! At this year's show, Richard made a movement and installed it in a beautiful old Austrian case. Richard made the movement and pendulum copying a photograph. The clock has a large escape wheel and verge centered in an 8 inch silvered dial (see above). The clock won first place in Single Train Class. Bill Young's Skeleton Clock is a Special Project! Bill plans to make a clock for each of his grandchildren. This is the first. The clock's front plate is a large "Old English Y". The pendulum has the initials "S D" for Bill's oldest Grandson Scott Darrell Young. Bill won a 3rd place in Single Train Class.
Karen Summerville was awarded 3rd place for this reverse painting on glass. Reverse glass painting is an important horological skill in that the early American clockmakers made extensive use of reverse glass tablets in the doors of their clocks. 	 Karen Summerville Painting Karen Summerville was awarded Honorable Mention for this reverse painting on glass. Phil Gregory was awarded second place for this beautiful stencil bronzing. Stencil bronzing is another type of tablet used by the early American clock makers. Phil Gregory was awarded third place for this stencil bronzing.
Clif Wigley received the "Fellow" award from NAWCC President George Orr. Richard Cox received the "Fellow" award from NAWCC President George Orr. Nick Bonura also received the "Star Fellow" award. Nick was the general chairman of the 2001 National. He is shown receiving the pin from NAWCC President George Orr. Nick's wife Judy shares in the joyous occasion. Fred Tischler received the "Star Fellow" award fron NAWCC President George Orr.
Joe Cohen received the "Fellow" award from NAWCC President George Orr. Byron White and Steve Cunningham Carroll Rosamond, Pam Tischler, Peggy Rosamond, and Charlie Watson Gene Meysenburg
Byron and Annette White