Every Lone Star Regional includes an "Exhibit".  The Exhibit is a supplement to the educational programs and provides the attendees a chance to see a variety of items discussed in the educational programs.  This year, the Exhibit featured tools that might have been used in a clock and watch repair shop around 1900.  As part of the Exhibit, a reproduction of a small repair shop was built by Bill Andrle.  In the photo above, Bill is standing in front of the repair shop. Here Bill is standing behind the counter in his shop awaiting customers.  It looks like Bill may also have some clocks and watches for sale. n this photo, Bill is doing some work on his foot powered lathe. On occasion, Bill needs to do some grinding.  Lucky for him, he has his trusty pedal grinder!
Every repair shop requires cabinets of parts.  Bill's shop is no exception. e090306g e090306f e090306h
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