2012 Regional - Art and Time

March 2-3, 2012

The Mart

The Mart room is always a favorite spot for Lone Star Regional attendees. It is in the Mart room where you get a chance to talk to owners of various horological items and learn what is unique to each. And best of all, you can buy the item if you so desire! Here are some random photos taken in the Mart room.


The Lone Star Regional has a reputation for great exhibits. This year was no exception. The theme this year was “Art & Time. Texas Artisan's, Craftsmen and Collector's Work in Time”. Below are examples of the exhibited items. Most were ribbon winners from the National Crafts Competition.


The following classes were offered, with good attendance at all:
Richard Cox Presented "A Skeleton Clock With Glass Plates".
Nick Lerescu gave two presentations: "Toys of the Czars - European & Russian Technology" and "Horology Along the Romantic Rhine (Spring 2013)."
John Schmieg presented "Clock Case Restoration - Perspectives from a Master Wood Worker."

Banquet and Awards

Each year the Lone Star Regional features a banquet. At the banquet, the NAWCC National rep is the main speaker. And, of course, everyone enjoys the food! Here are some photos of the 101 people who attended.


The Lone Star Regional has developed a reputation for having great auctions! This year we had about 200 lots, so the auction was held on 2 nights; Thursday and Friday. Both nights featured a wide variety of clocks, tools, and various clock parts.